Purrfect Endings



Bertie was rescued at only 2 weeks of age, along with his mum Emma and sister. After several months with Travis Cat Rescue, he was adopted and has a wonderful new home.  In fact he has two homes - his owner has a beach house where Bertie spends his time watching seagulls and staring out to sea.  Lucky Bertie!



After wandering the streets for a long time, Stanley found himself at Travis Cat Rescue.  He was neutered and vaccinated, health screened and found a wonderful new home where he spends most of his time sitting on laps.  Well done Stanley!  We knew you were more suited to a life on a lap than a life on the streets.


Mary Lou

Sweet little Mary Lou.  She came to Travis Cat Rescue as a stray who had been wandering the streets for a few months.  She had a terrible gum disease that required all her teeth to be removed - but she has recovered completely and will be joining her new family very shortly.  She will have a "brother" who was adopted from Travis a few months ago.



Gordon and Diana

Brother and Sister Gordon and Diana are both Iris's babies born in the care of Travis. 

Both of them were adopted together and now live in the Norfolk countryside along with 2 German Shepherd dogs Lexie and Teddy. 

They all get on so well and the cats are often snuggled up to the dogs in front of the fire. 


Little Al.

Little Al came into Travis' care having been found hiding under bushes close to a main road for at least 24 hours,and in urgent need of medical treatment. 

It is so rewarding to see this gorgeous lad settled into his new and loving home with Kerrie and her family. 



Billie and Smokey Joe

After being rescued from a house fire, little Billie and her brother Smokey Joe were taken in by Travis Cat Rescue.  After receiving all the veterinary care they needed, they have been homed together and are very happy indeed.



Handsome boy Thomas was handed in to Travis Cat Rescue after his owners moved away.  Thomas was taken to our Vet the next day for a check-up and was snapped up by a member of staff at our Vet practice!  Who can blame them?  He's a beautiful boy!  He has two Silver Tabby "brothers" to hang out with now.  He's very happy in his new home and spoilt rotten!

More Purrfect Endings

These are just a few of our recent re-homing stories.  Travis Cat Rescue has found wonderful new homes for many cats and kittens - too many to mention.